Orders, payments, feedback and messaging in one simple system


ParentGrid helps schools and caterers engage with parents

Ordering made simple

We are the original inventors of online school meal ordering, and our ordering systems remain second to none.  Parents can view menus and full recipes, see supplier information and set up industry leading allergy protection controls.

Payments as they should be

As well as easy to use card payments, we also offer traditional cash management support for schools and monthly Direct Debit payments for parents.  Direct Debit payments mean the parent can ‘set and forget’ – and will never have to top up or manage a balance ever again.

Allergies & Food Safety

When surveyed, 97% of our parents said that our allergy and food information systems gave them greater confidence in their school meals service.

Our parent systems increase uptake, block harmful allergens, and deliver vital information direct to parents, such as carb counts for diabetics.  

Parent & Pupil Feedback

Great customer care starts with reliable and timely feedback.  We collect star ratings for your dishes, get feedback from parents via on screen ‘micro surveys’ and pass on compliments for the kitchen team via our ‘Compliments to the Cook’ feature. 

A bit of a 'no brainer' for Schools!

SchoolGrid helps the School Office reduce cash handling, simplify debt collection, dramatically reduce admin and keeps records automatically.

Direct debit and card payments

With SchoolGrid, on average schools achieve over 95% uptake of direct debit and card payments in the first year. Some schools opt to eliminate cash entirely.

Also handles cash, quickly

Any cash that does arrive at the school is handled quickly and efficiently by the system. Pupil account histories are automatically stored, making auditing a simpler process.

Simple debt collection

Our tools significantly reduce the burden of debt management. See at a glance who owes what, and automatically send reminder letters to parents electronically or by letter.

No more dinner registers!

With SchoolGrid, time wasting dinner registers are no longer required. We record all transactions and let you look them up as and when you need them. What’s more, SchoolGrid can handle automatic, real time reporting of meal numbers and banking to the caterer.

Communicate with parents

Schools and parents have to communicate well, and our parent messaging systems make this easy and affordable for schools. Set up groups of parents, or contact them individually by Email or SMS. Emails are free and text messages are charged at 4p/text.

Advanced reporting

SchoolGrid provides a range of useful reports which help schools keep track of meal numbers, payments and banking.
Schools can get insights on pre-orders and uptake, and export information easily for auditing purposes.

SchoolGrid Parent

Parents - the key to increasing uptake

Give parents the best customer care experience, and all the information they need, and then watch your uptake increase.

Payments - Simple & Convenient

Easy payment options make school meals more convenient than packed lunches.
We uniquely support 'Direct Debit in arrears' which is the ultimate in parent convenience.

Ordering - Certainty, Safety & Convenience

Parents have the certainty their child will get the meal of their choice, that it will be allergy safe and can see what is in the dish. They can also order for a whole term - very convenient!

Feedback - Giving
Parents a Voice

Great customer care increases uptake, and the basis of customer care is feedback. We collect dish star ratings, run on-screen micro surveys and provide a parent compliments system.

I’ve placed Morgan on school meals because of SchoolGrid. It’s easy to place orders in advance. Very happy with the service and information received by email.

Lee Thompson, Parent, Lowton West

And Kids love it!

Research has shown that some children opt for packed lunches because they don’t enjoy the lunchtime experience at school. SchoolGrid assists with transforming the whole lunchtime experience.

A stress-free lunchtime

SchoolGrid makes selection and delivery easy and stress free with their personalised dietary requirements taken care of by the team at the hotplate.

More of what they want

Our online and classroom pre-order systems means children get exactly what they want every day - even if they are at the back of the queue!

Speed is everything

Our lunchtime systems are the fastest in the industry.
Faster throughput means more time to enjoy their food, and less waiting!


We'd love to give you a Demonstration

If you try it, you will love it!   If you are a public sector school or caterer and wish to see our system in action, we can arrange a visit to a nearby school who uses us already.  Caterers may also wish to try a completely free pilot.  This would be for up to 5 schools and six months, and we pick up all costs (including payment fees).  Click below to book a demo and find out more. 

Try it out with a 6 month free pilot

SchoolGrid does much more

Explore our other fully integrated products

Our award winning kitchen management systems are a doddle to set up and use, and our experienced training staff will train your cooks – on site and in person – to ensure trouble free implementation. Reduce your food spend and streamline the management of your kitchens.

For secondary schools and colleges, our SelfXpress ordering, payment and checkout system increases throughput and student engagement whilst decreasing staff cost. Our optional custom deli ordering system increases choice and safety.

Our menu and recipe suite is a drop-in replacement for systems such as Saffron and Nutmeg.  It imports information from your suppliers and automates allergy protection.  Recipes you enter can be accessed by cooks using KitchenGrid and by parents through ParentGrid.

I find it really useful as I am able to choose in advance exactly what I want them to eat for a whole term, the system works really well and I haven’t had any issues at all, they simply email me just before a Direct Debit payment is to be taken out. I would definitely recommend to schools.

Victoria Molyneux

Parent, Lowton St. Mary's

Best in class...

Our staff have been working in school kitchens and school offices for the last 20 years. We understand the environment and create helpful tools which enhance the school day.

Our system looks great, is a pleasure to use, and is backed up by a genuine and friendly customer care team.  Our customer focussed approach has helped us pick up a number of awards.  This includes the 2022 LACA Award for “Supplier of the Year” in recognition of the ongoing support we provide to our clients and contribution to the industry.

My child has severe allergies. Being able to view menus, check recipes and pre-order safe, appropriate meals for her gives us both peace of mind.

Sarah Loveland

Parent, Berkshire