Menus, dishes, ingredients and analysis - a recipe for success


Manage your ingredients, recipes and menus all in one place

Set your recipes free!

Add your recipes quickly and easily to SchoolGrid, or adapt recipes from our bank of 1000 provided recipes.  We spend a day with you on site to assist,  but it is really easy to use.  

At the click of a button, all of the recipe and allergy data can be shared with kitchen staff and parents.

Plan cost effective, Popular Menus

Use star ratings to gauge dish popularity, ensuring that menus hit the mark with pupils and parents, increasing uptake and reducing plate waste. 

Use supplier data to get realtime indications of menu cost, to keep your service financially performant.

Ingredient Management

Link your recipe ingredients to supplier products!

We have a full database of supplier products, so you just have to click to indicate which ones you use in your recipes. Then we pull in all of the nutrition and allergy data for you, making this information available instantly to kitchens and parents.

The system then reacts to supplier changes automatically. 

Allergies & Pupil Safety

We are really good at this stuff!

We started rolling out our allergy protection system before any similar systems existed in schools.  We’ve been developing it for ten years now, and it is second to none.

Our system will not only inform parents, block incompatible orders, react to supplier changes and cancel dangerous orders retrospectively, it will also alert serving staff of all unsafe sides & desserts during service.

We Support Public Sector Catering

As part of our mission to support excellent public sector school catering, all local authorities, MATs and arms-length caterers can use our MenuGrid system completely free of charge.

We still provide excellent support – in person and on the phone.  Give it a try!

FREE for Public Sector Catering.

A no-brainer for menu planners

Parents want direct access to information, and kitchens need tools in order to reduce waste.

Free Bank of Recipes

MenuGrid gives you a good starting point, with a bank of over a thousand tried and tested (and loved!) recipes. Use them, edit them, or remove them!

Reduce Food Waste

Food is expensive, and carries an environmental impact. Our system has three totally unique ways in which it can dramatically reduce waste. Contact us for case studies.

Cook to Specification

Some kitchens are too busy to accurately calculate ingredient weigh outs, and this affects quality. Our system calculates weigh outs dynamically, saving time and waste.

Cost your Menus

Planning menus isn't easy. Balancing the needs of the school, the regulations, considering allergens, and trying to keep the cost down. Our system helps with all of this, making planning a popular, safe, cost effective menu as easy as beating an egg.

Feedback for Success

Sometimes Customer Care can be the 'missing link' in transforming a subsidised service into a self sustaining one. A big part of this is gathering and responding to feedback - such as using dish star ratings when planning your next term's menus.

Connects with Suppliers

When your supplier adds a little soya to your sausages, or peanuts to your pasta, our system picks this up and cancels unsafe orders, dynamically - and emails the parents for you! Our system gets product data from your suppliers to help you plan better, safer menus.

“The allergen system is a big selling point for us.  As a school we are very cautious that a lot of children have different needs and a lot of allergies. Parents uploading these direct to the system has been good for the school.”

Tonnianne Hewitte, Trust Finance Officer, Quest Trust

Add KitchenGrid and make it fly!

MenuGrid and KitchenGrid working together means amazing kitchen efficiency. Add ParentGrid and let parents access the recipe info they need.

Recipes in the kitchen

Adding KitchenGrid means that your carefully planned recipes are shared directly with kitchens. Cooking is then exactly to spec, and you can make instant changes!

Recipes at home

Today's parents expect easy access to important information. Adding ParentGrid means that parents can check recipes, menus, allergens and nutrition on a self-service basis.

Gather Menu Feedback

MenuGrid coupled with ParentGrid allows menu planners to gather important feedback about how parents and pupils have received your menus, and star ratings for dishes.

SchoolGrid does much more

Explore our other complimenting products...

Our parent systems help caterers to increase uptake and deliver vital information to parents. We support card, cash and Direct Debit payments and our customer service team are happy to assist your parents directly over the phone if they need help.

Our award winning kitchen management systems are a doddle to set up and use, and our experienced training staff will train your cooks – on site and in person – to ensure trouble free implementation. Reduce your food spend and streamline the management of your kitchens.

For secondary schools and colleges, our SelfXpress ordering, payment and checkout system increases throughput and student engagement whilst decreasing staff cost. Our optional custom deli ordering system increases choice and safety.

East Lothian Council use the nutrition module for their menu planning. We can quickly create new recipes using ingredient information pulled direct from suppliers. This allows us to very quickly check nutritional and allergen information for each recipe as well as a full menu cycle.

The SchoolGrid team are a friendly customer focussed business who know school catering from the bottom up. This allows them to quickly understand operational issues so they can advise and help troubleshoot.

Pamela Fraser

Area Officer Nutrition, East Lothian Council

Best in class...

Our staff have been working in school kitchens and school offices for the last 20 years. We understand the environment and create helpful tools which enhance the school day.

Our system looks great, is a pleasure to use, and is backed up by a genuine and friendly customer care team.  Our customer focussed approach has helped us pick up a number of awards.  This includes the 2022 LACA Award for “Supplier of the Year” in recognition of the ongoing support we provide to our clients and contribution to the industry.

They have vast amounts of experience in the industry.

Dave Rushton

Operations Manager, Christ The King Catholic Collegiate