Manage your school kitchens and improve staff retention

Get your kitchens 'on the grid' to reduce costs and manage more effectively.

Eliminate Paperwork and Forms

End of week forms, bulky recipe manuals, health and safety policies, COSHH sheets, accident books, audit reports – you name it, we can handle it.   The kitchen’s easy to use touch screen is web based, so changes to online manuals and paperwork are updated automatically – no need for postage, printing or delays.

Reduce Food waste

Our food waste reduction system is totally unique and has proven itself in the UK and abroad.  Reducing food waste needs an end to end system – addressing waste at every step of the process.  Studies have show on average 30% of food entering the kitchen leaves as waste.  Want to save 10p per meal on food cost?  Get in touch.

Communicate Effortlessly

Communication is key, and KitchenGrid provides instant messaging and a built in email system to help you manage kitchens more effectively.  An area manager can message whole groups of schools in one go.  You can also set topics for discussion to get quick feedback.
Kitchens can see their own performance metrics, which facilitates productive weekly discussions where food or staff costs are not optimal.  Area managers can access performance data from anywhere.

Staff Satisfaction & Retention

Hiring and retaining good catering staff is more difficult every year. Over the years we have sought ways to help our catering clients build loyal motivated teams. 

As part of this we implemented a ‘Compliments to the Cook’ system to allow pupils and parents to send simple (moderated by us) compliments to the kitchen, and also a ‘Cook’s Corner’ group chat wherein staff can say hello, help each other out, and feel like part of a team.

A bit of a no brainer for Kitchens

You are using ParentGrid to increase you uptake by 8-10% - KitchenGrid helps you do this without any increase in staffing.

Go paperless

Paper wastes time and money. Our systems help you eliminate costly and hard to manage manuals, forms and recipe books from your kitchens. We also capture and transmit site data back to head office electronically.

Order the right stock

Reducing food waste means ordering the correct stock for your kitchens in the first place. Our system calculates all of the stock required to cook the planned number of each dish. So no forgotten ingredients or over-ordering!

Be compliant

Our Kitchen logs, accident reporting, temperature checks and staff time sheet tracking help to ensure that kitchens stay safe and compliant - helping with ISO accreditations such as ISO 9001, 14,001 and 45,001.

Reduce Food Waste

Our food waste reduction features are unique to us, and are industry proven. Our ability to reduce food waste has generated interest internationally. Reducing food waste requires an end-to-end approach; that is what we offer, with food savings of up to 10p per meal.

Communicate with your sites

Good teams rely on good communication. Your area mangers and kitchen managers are a team - but unless the communication is good it may not feel like this. We offer instant and 'email like' messaging to help your kitchens and management work effectively.

Retain your best staff

Good staff are hard to come by; great staff almost impossible. We have added features to our system such as 'cook's corner' and 'compliments to the cook' which make the job more satisfying. This means better staff retention, and a better quality product.

SchoolGrid’s different from the other suppliers I’ve seen, they support us a lot more. I think support is a key thing for us, they’re always on the end of the phone or an email.

Matt Richardson, Catering Development Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire

And Kitchen Managers love it

KitchenGrid lets kitchens get on with cooking meals, eliminating time consuming tasks and supporting kitchen teams effectively. It helps caterers to retain their best staff

Compliments system

Our 'compliments to the cook' system allows parents and pupils to send their thanks to the kitchen. We moderate all compliments before passing them on!

Recipe Weigh Outs

Save time in the morning with all your recipes weighed out according to your pre-ordered numbers - simple and very effective.


Our 'cook's corner' system allows seamless team chat throughout the day, with optional scheduled topics. In addition an integrated email style communication system is also provided.

We'd love to give you a Demonstration

If you try it, you will love it!   If you are a public sector school or caterer and wish to see our system in action, we can arrange a visit to a nearby school who uses us already.  Caterers may also wish to try a completely free pilot.  This would be for up to 5 schools and six months, and we pick up all costs (including payment fees).  Click below to book a demo and find out more. 

Try it out with a 6 month free pilot

SchoolGrid does much more

Explore our other complimenting products...

Our parent systems help caterers to increase uptake and deliver vital information to parents. We support card, cash and Direct Debit payments and our customer service team are happy to assist your parents directly over the phone if they need help.

For secondary schools and colleges, our SelfXpress ordering, payment and checkout system increases throughput and student engagement whilst decreasing staff cost. Our optional custom deli ordering system increases choice and safety.

Our menu and recipe suite is a drop-in replacement for systems such as Saffron and Nutmeg.  It imports information from your suppliers and automates allergy protection.  Recipes you enter can be accessed by cooks using KitchenGrid and by parents through ParentGrid.

“We found that with the roll out of the system and the initial implementation within the schools it’s just been so helpful that almost a chunk of work has been taken off us as a project because SchoolGrid has been able to lead on it successfully.”

David Catterall

Head of Commercial Services, Bury Council

Best in class...

Our staff have been working in school kitchens and school offices for the last 20 years. We understand the environment and create helpful tools which enhance the school day.

Our system looks great, is a pleasure to use, and is backed up by a genuine and friendly customer care team.  Our customer focussed approach has helped us pick up a number of awards.  This includes the 2022 LACA Award for “Supplier of the Year” in recognition of the ongoing support we provide to our clients and contribution to the industry.

Whenever we chat to SchoolGrid about any new developments, they take it on board and listen to the caterer as well, and our challenges and help.

Lucy Clarke

Services Manager, Salford Council