Super-fast self-service or traditional till style checkout for Secondaries


Remove the checkout bottleneck and attract more customers to your restaurants

Self Checkout System​

Picture this: a student collects their lunch items and approaches a horseshoe shaped desk with 8 touchscreens on it.  They swipe their RFID tag, input the items and click ‘done’.  A rear screen flashes at the member of serving staff stood within the horseshoe, who checks the tray contents match the screen and use their tag to confirm the sale.  The student then heads off to sit and eat.  No waiting around in a queue, and reduced staffing levels – great!

Traditional till service

SelfXpress can act as a drop-in replacement for your existing traditional checkout tills.  

This means one member of staff to one checkout screen, but we still generally see an increase in throughput with a simplified user interface and the added speed of RFID identification.  If a student forgets their RFID tag, they simply get a new one assigned, and the cost is added to their checkout value for the day.

RFID - as fast as can be!

RFID identification comes out top in terms of speed, and removes the need for onsite ‘servers’ and the management of fingerprints (initial scanning, updating, and privacy law management).  RFID scans work first time, every time and acceptance of a tag scan is instant.  This means a faster lunch service.  We also have photos of students on the system so that serving staff can conduct a secondary check of identity when checking out.

6th Form Custom ordering

6th form students often have the ability and means to go elsewhere for their lunch, to use vending facilities in the 6th form common room, or order food delivery.  We help to avoid the need for any of this by offering a 6th form food ordering service.  This service allows 6th formers to custom build an individually priced salad, baguette, sandwich, pizza or anything else, within parameters defined by the caterer.  Items can then be delivered directly to the common room!

The fastest checkout in the West

Sometimes speed is everything; we certainly think this is the case for Secondary school restaurants. When your service starts to fly, so will your takings.

Simple to use

SelfXpress is really easy to use. Just like self checkout at the supermarket, it's designed to be instantly understandable to new users. This makes it great for new staff (traditional till configuration) and for students (self checkout).

Tried and tested

Our system is in use across England - in all sizes of Secondary schools. Over the last six years we have invested a great deal of resource into developing and refining SelfXpress to streamline your food service.

Loved by schools

We offer the best levels of support in the industry, so schools, students and parents can call us directly if they have any issues or questions. This reduces the burden on busy school offices.

Effective reporting

With everything being online and web based, you can manage your sites and get real time feedback on sales from anywhere, on any internet connected device. Get insights into which products are (and aren't) selling, track your takings, and monitor your staffing and food use.

Fits into your service

SelfXpress is a cash free system, supporting card payments, free meal provision and Direct Debit. Caterers can configure the system according to the needs of the school - as a traditional till setup, or with multiple screens managed by a single member of staff, with monitored self-checkout.

No biometric privacy issues

Scanning fingerprints, faces and eyeballs has always been a contentious issue, with people now aware more than ever of their rights to access services without handing over such personal and invasive details. Our system is based on simple RFID technology which means no privacy issues at all.

SchoolGrid Parent

Full control for Parents

Parents sign up online in a couple of minutes - no online account balance management, no regular top ups... no worries.

Payments made so simple

Parents can make regular card payments - or just sign up for Direct Debit and never have to worry about payments again. They can easily set daily spend limits too!

Free meal entitlement handled

Parents who are entitled to free meal provision can see this in their online account and can additionally choose to supplement the FSM subsidy.

Giving parents a voice

Parents can send feedback via regular 'micro surveys', dish star rating and 'compliments to the cook'. This feedback is then used to improve the service.

The service is faster by 10-15 minutes every single day and the kids go home happy.

Emma, Kitchen Manager, Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School

Students love it!

Customers want something hot and tasty, without having to wait

Interact with technology

Students really enjoy the self- checkout process and it creates a sense of empowerment.

Faster service

The fast RFID technology and multi-screen checkout booths mean fast service & less waiting.

Custom Ordering

6th Form students can build their own custom orders, with custom pricing rather than leaving site.


We'd love to give you a Demonstration

If you try it, you will love it!   If you are a public sector school or caterer and wish to see our system in action, we can arrange a visit to a nearby school who uses us already.  Caterers may also wish to try a completely free pilot.  This would be for up to 5 schools and six months, and we pick up all costs (including payment fees).  Click below to book a demo and find out more. 

Try it out with a 6 month free pilot

SchoolGrid does much more

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We had really good training and following on from the training, unlike other providers previously when we have needed support either by email or telephone it’s been the same day and we have always had solutions to any queries we have raised

Tonnianne Hewitte

Trust Finance Officer, Quest Trust

Best in class...

Our staff have been working in school kitchens and school offices for the last 20 years. We understand the environment and create helpful tools which enhance the school day.

Our system looks great, is a pleasure to use, and is backed up by a genuine and friendly customer care team.  Our customer focussed approach has helped us pick up a number of awards.  This includes the 2022 LACA Award for “Supplier of the Year” in recognition of the ongoing support we provide to our clients and contribution to the industry.

SchoolGrid’s support is second to none. Anyone can ring them up and they will help them out.

Kim Swain

ICT Project Support Office, HCL