SchoolGrid Staff Learn the Craft

As part of SchoolGrid’s onboarding, all staff are required to spend some time training in a school kitchen - because how else can you understand the needs and stresses of a school lunch service?

At SchoolGrid we pride ourselves on understanding the caterer and the pressures which they are under.  There is nothing worse than software created in a back office with no understanding of the coalface.  To ensure staff know the industry and what really goes on in a school kitchen, all staff – from developers to sales executives, to Directors – are expected to spend time in a school kitchen.  This way we can genuinely appreciate the hard work that goes into serving hot nutritious meals to children.

Mike Travis recalls his time at Kirby Muxloe in Leicester:  “I have spent a fair amount of time in kitchens, but they don’t compare to the pace in the school kitchen. Being at the coal face of service was very beneficial, understanding the day to day stresses and with added time pressures that SchoolGrid helps kitchen managers navigate. However once all is prepared the highlight of the day is serving the children”.

He adds “on my first day I was in charge of preparing the salads and mashed potatoes, as well as pot wash. The second day was a lot more responsibility as it was ‘Fishy Friday’ and I had to count out the fish finger portions. I think Helen, the kitchen manager, was rather enjoying herself as she chuckled away constantly reminding me that if I miss counted we would have a huge disaster on our hands (I only recounted them 4 times)!”

Millie Caress was in the kitchen when the kitchen manager received a compliment from a parent, “it was so nice to see how much that comment changed the atmosphere and energy in the kitchen, it really made the kitchen managers day!” she said. 

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